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Designer, creative, gelato-lover.


Enza Lacherdis

Sydney  >  Napoli  >  New York

Sydney, Australia

I spent 2016 living in Brooklyn and was Director & Head of Teaching at Shillington, New York. I was running the design school full-time and continued to freelance into the wee-hours of the morning.

I have been a practicing designer in both print and digital since 2006 and in design education since 2012. I am passionate about design and love—in this job—I get to be a thinker, communicator and problem solver, all at the same time.

I believe successful designers recognise the answer in the brief, trust in the design process and understand the balance between form and function.

I am also the founder of Typerie, where I take on type projects, practise and teach hand lettering.



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